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Let us answer your questions.

We're an open book when it comes to our products. Check out our general FAQ below for questions regarding our ingredients, why we use them and what's next for Opus. Reach out to us directly if you need more information.

Can I buy the bitters you are using for your cocktails?

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Are there any carbohydrates in any of your products?


Do you use artificial flavours?

No, there are no artificial flavours in any Opus product.

Why real ingredients and all-natural flavours?

Our handcrafted Bitters and Tinctures are made with real spices and herbs, we also use some all-natural flavours, 100% plant-based flavours extracted from real fruits.

Where does the colour come from?

We use 100% real ingredients, so all the colours are from the infused spices and herbs.

Do you use preservatives?


Is Opus Keto friendly?


Is Opus vegan?

OPUS is 100% vegan. OPUS is alcohol-free, not dealcoholized. Dealcoholized products can be filtered through bone char or fish bladder to remove alcohol from the product. Several alcohol-free beverages are dealcoholized not alcohol-free. However, at OPUS, we also use no animal products and no animal by-products in our beverages. This includes our ingredient sources, additives, and processes.

What is Stevia and why are you using it?

Stevia, also called Stevia Rebaudiana, is a plant that is a member of the chrysanthemum family. Stevia is a non-nutritive natural sweetener. This means it has no calories and if you have diabetes, Stevia may help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Is it Sugar free?


How many calories does Opus have?

Opus Alcohol Free has 0 calories!

I am Opus' biggest fan. Can I partner with the brand?

Please reach out to us directly to inquire, we're always open to new partnership ideas.

Is Opus sponsoring events or sports team?

Please reach out to us directly to inquire, we're always open to new partnership ideas.

Where can I buy Opus?

Check out our Store Locator to find OPUS near you.
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Is Opus gluten free?

Yes! OPUS is made with 100% naturally gluten-free ingredients.

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