October 26, 2021

Opus Alcohol-free Now Available Coast to Coast

OPUS Aperitivo Spritz box and can besides a pool.

Refreshing Alcohol-free Cocktails Now Available from Coast to Coast

Opus Handcrafted Cocktails now produces alcohol-free versions of our signature drinks, the Aperitivo Spritz and Gin & Tonic. No matter where you are in Canada, from Vancouver to St John's, we ship our ready-made cocktails country-wide.

What started as appreciating fine cocktail recipes with friends is now a passion the whole country can enjoy. Taking high-quality ingredients and blending them into an original recipe, we now offer the same boutique beverage experience in an alcohol-free version.

You now have an option to attend that special social gathering or celebrate with family and friends even if you have a hectic schedule the next day. Or, if you’re following a health-conscious lifestyle, you don’t have to miss the party.

Opus alcohol-free readymade cocktails are available at a growing selection of stores and online retailers.

Stores, where you can find your favorite Opus cocktails, include Nesters, Natures Fare, City Avenue Market, Vita Health, Stong’s Market, and others. Also, you can find Opus products at Sansorium, Vancouver’s first alcohol-free pop-up store. 


About Our Alcohol-Free Cocktails 

Opus was founded in the city of Vancouver by award-winning mixologist Christos Kalaitzis. What makes Opus unique is they offer both alcohol and alcohol-free versions of the same readymade cocktail. 

The handcrafted approach to their beverages means Opus sources the best ingredients and uses natural flavors extracted from real fruits. Opus incorporates real herbs and spices to produce beverages with refreshing and distinct flavors.

Kalaitzis noticed that patrons were looking for non-alcoholic drinks that had the taste and appearance of regular alcoholic drinks. As the choices were limited, particularly for anything boutique, he developed a range of recipes to give patrons a quality beverage to meet their expectations.

By creating two versions of each product, Opus provides options to drinkers who can now choose a drink depending on mood or lifestyle choice. Both the Aperitivo Spritz and the Gin & Tonic flavors contain zero sugar. However, the alcohol-free version has zero calories and is gluten-free.

The Alcohol-Free Gin & Tonic

The Opus alcohol-free gin and tonic is a refreshing drink crafted from high-quality ingredients. This refreshing Spanish-style gin and tonic consist of a blend of fragrant bitters and a selection of natural herbs and spices. The taste notes reveal a combination of lime and blood orange citrus flavors, mint leaves, and cucumber. Drinkers will be happy to know that both alcoholic and alcohol-free beverages taste identical.

The Alcohol-Free Aperitivo Spritz 

The alcohol-free Aperitivo Spritz brings the best in bittersweet European Aperitivo to drinkers’ pallets. The balanced flavors consist of handcrafted bitters with high-quality Prosecco and a selection of real herbs and spices. The taste notes contain grapefruit, rhubarb, and fresh Seville oranges.

Order Now

Opus handcrafted alcohol-free cocktails are now available from multiple stores throughout Canada. Meeting the needs of a new generation of drinkers, Opus brings the finest beverages in non-alcoholic form. Drinkers now have the luxury of choosing a drink based on their mood and preference without sacrificing taste. Order now and taste for yourself.

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