October 21, 2021

Opus @ Planted Expo 2021

OPUS Gin and Tonic cans on top of a bag in the sand

Opus Brings Its Handcrafted Cocktails to Planted Expo 2021 

Opus' expertly handcrafted cocktails will making an appearance at Planted Expo from November 20th to 21st 2021, taking place at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

Planted Expo is Canada’s largest plant-based event, showcasing over 200 vegan and lifestyle businesses. Over two days, attendees have the opportunity to learn and engage with experts and inspirational speakers in the world of plant-based products and lifestyle habits.

About Planted Expo

As the world continues to change, so do the ideas and intentions of each generation. With threats facing our health and environment, it’s more important than ever to inform people about healthier alternatives to food and lifestyle products.

Vancouver is one of the leading cities in Canada which offer plant-based services and businesses to people following a plant-based, planet-conscious lifestyle. So, the Planted Expo is a welcomed event for the citizens of Vancouver.

Planted Expo is a two-day event held on the 20th and 21st of November 2021. The Vancouver Convention Centre West is hosting the event, which makes sense as its one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable buildings.

Planted Expo, presented by Boosh Food, is a vegan lifestyle and business expo bringing more than 200 businesses and brands together under one roof. Each day will be packed with talks, exhibitions, product demonstrations, and places to purchase plant-based and environmentally friendly products.

You might think that a plant-based expo is only for strict vegans. In fact, Planted Expo is an inclusive event open to everyone and anyone passionate about health and wellbeing. Planted Expo covers a range of industries from wellness to environmental sustainability, green energy, and more.

Planted Expo aims to not only offer a massive selection of products but to inform. Many threats face our planet. Climate change and loss of habitat require us to rethink what we produce and how we produce it. Industrial animal farming causes millions of animals to suffer needly, and the antibiotics fed to them are affecting our health in the process.

With a mission to educate and inspire people, Planted Expo will host several information talks to inform attendees of the latest developments in combating the various problems facing our planet. Furthermore, there will be a gathering of plant-based speakers, activists, business owners, and health professionals to spread the word about adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Some of the speakers featured at the expo include ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll, plant-based naturopathic doctor Dr. Mathew Nagra, wellness expert Nicolette Ricker, plant-based podcaster Chuck Carroll, physician Dr. Lucy Lyons, host of TV’s Urban Vegetarian Desiree Nielson, Badass Vegan John Lewis, and many others.

We can't wait to see you

As a producer and promoter of non-alcoholic beverages, Opus will participate in Planted Expo 2021 in Vancouver. Opus beverages give drinkers a choice depending on their mood and lifestyle choices. We offer a healthier alternative for those seeking a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

The two-day event will inform attendees about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle while offering a wide selection of businesses to shop and experience. If you find yourself in the Vancouver area, consider taking part in an inclusive plant-based lifestyle event.

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